Director Reports

Are the reports emailed to me?

No, the reports are not emailed to you, but they are available to access anytime from your online account. Simply log in and select ‘My Director Reports’ to view, and you can also download each one as a PDF for your convenience.

Will the director know who has searched for information on them?

No, all your director searches are completely confidential, a director cannot see if someone has searched for their report.

Where is the director information sourced from?

UK limited companies are formed under the Companies Act. This legislation dictates that companies must have their details available publicly (Companies House register), including appointee information (directors, shareholders and secretaries).

Can I see a director's list of all directorships?

Yes, each director report will show all the available information on the director, including current and previous directorships.

Do the director reports include disqualified directorships?

Yes, even if a director has been disqualified we will still show the directorship on their report.

How can I remove a company or director report from your site?

The information in our company and director reports is sourced from Companies House (The Registrar of Companies). As they reflect the same information that Companies House publicly holds on their records, we are unable to change or remove the reports. For more information, please see our listing policy.

While we are unable to amend the information on our website, we can stop certain information about a company or director from being accessible from search engines. Please send us a request.

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